Entrust Your Legal Matters to Colson Broderick of Atlanta

The Colson Broderick law firm is dedicated to serving individuals in the metro Atlanta area.

I treat the client as I would like to be treated. I defend rights, property, livelihoods. Hiring a law firm is a big decision and it is important that your values align with the firm selected. Hiring Colson Broderick means:

  • The client is aware of, and understands, the legal options.
  • The client can weigh the likelihood, risks, and benefits of potential outcomes, and make informed decisions.
  • The client is satisfied that the Colson Broderick firm is seeking the best outcome available, given the facts of the individual case.
  • The client is confident that the lawyer is a zealous advocate, and that the case couldn’t be in better hands.

Dedicated to the Clients’ Rights

Have you been charged with a crime or a traffic violation in Metro Atlanta? Colson Broderick can handle your defense.

Do you need to plan for the care of a family member and your property? Colson Broderick can assist you in the drafting of a will, or in the creation of a trust.

Have you been left property in a will, but a family member isn’t cooperating? Let Colson Broderick handle your probate litigation.

Have you or your child been targeted because of discrimination at work or school? The Colson Broderick firm is experienced in civil rights and employment law. When you choose Colson Broderick to represent you it means having someone with valuable experience investigating EEO cases for the federal government working for you making the best argument concerning your specific facts.

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